Hortense Kooluris Memorial

Monday, 01 October 2007


Time Event/Dance Dancers Full Dance?
1:10 Introductory remarks by Linda Kooluris Dobbs
4:45 Hortense Kooluris tribute video
Paul-James Dwyer No
10:12 Schubert - Ellens Gesang III D. 839 "Ave Maria"
Reiko Morita Yes
15:29 Chopin - Etude in A flat major, Op. 25, No. 1 "Aeolian Harp"
Adrienne Ramm Yes
18:20 Schubert - German Dance, D. 783, No. 10 (Classical Duet)
Adrienne Ramm, Gemze de Lappe Yes
20:05 Unidentified dance
Paul-James Dwyer
24:48 Remarks by Linda Kooluris Dobbs
34:32 Gluck - Iphigenie en Tauride, Choeur des Pretresses (Priestess)
Adrienne Ramm Yes
38:02 Corelli - La Follia, Violin Sonata in d minor Op. 5, No. 12 (Tanagra Figures)
Reiko Morita Yes
41:05 Unidentified dance
Paul-James Dwyer
43:36 Remarks
50:22 Scriabin - Etude, Op. 2, No. 1 (Mother)
Adrienne Ramm Yes
53:39 Brahms - Waltz in A major, Op. 39, No. 15 (Rose Petals)
Reiko Morita Yes
55:27 Dance to Brahms Intermezzo Op. 118 No. 2
Paul-James Dwyer Yes
1:00:50 Remarks by Gemze de Lappe
1:08:59 Gluck - Iphigenie en Aulide, Sicilienne-Bacchanale
1:12:43 Messages from people who could not attend
Paul-James Dwyer
1:22:10 Video of Hortense dancing

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