Corelli — La Follia, Violin Sonata in d minor Op. 5, No. 12 (Tanagra Figures)

Reconstructed by Hortense Kooluris.


Nadia Chilkovsky Nahumck

Reference: Nahumck, Nadia Chilkovsky. Isadora Duncan: The Dances. Washington DC: The National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1994.

This work is structured not as a dance but as a series of posturings taken directly from delicate terra-cotta figurines found in Tanagra, an ancient Greek town in Boeotia. Gestures arranged in continuous phrases suggest ordinary, yet idealized, activities, such as fastening the shoulders of a tunic, adjusting a sandal, kneeling, lying down to rest and rising. It is an excellent study in typical Duncan slow style.

Barbara Kane

Study of constant movement flow


Title Date Dancers Full Dance? Notes
Hortense Kooluris Memorial 2007-10-01 Reiko Morita Yes
Isadora Duncan Dance Group: Tanagras 2003-09-06 Barbara Kane, Annette Mouret, Francoise Rageau, Annette Spector, Christine Grant Yes Staged by Barbara Kane
Cable TV Interview with Hortense Kooluris 1991 Hortense Kooluris, Juliet Foster Yes
Hortense Kooluris Collection 1978 Hortense Kooluris, Philadelphia Dance Academy Students Yes
Hortense Kooluris Collection 1978 Yes

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