The Enduring Essence


The Enduring Essence: the Technique and Choreography of Isadora Duncan, Remembered and Reconstructed by Gemze de Lappe. Gemze interviewed by actress Jenny Sterlin, Produced and directed by Sharon Arslanian. Dancers cited at end of film.


Time Event/Dance Dancers Full Dance?
00:01 Schubert - Waltz, D. 924, No. 10 (Ballspiel)
Sharon Arslanian Yes
07:59 Gemze teaching Isadora Duncan Technique
Smith College dance students
21:40 Chopin - Nocturne in D flat major, Op. 27, No. 2 (Tanagras)
Gemze de Lappe Yes
26:17 Schubert - German Dance, D. 783, No. 10 (Classical Duet)
Gemze de Lappe, Sharon Arslanian Yes
32:40 Schubert - Waltz, D. 924, No. 12 (Water Study)
Gemze de Lappe Yes
48:23 Schubert - Waltz, D. 365, No. 33 (Three Graces)
Gemze de Lappe, Sharon Arslanian, Anne Carey Yes
52:50 Scriabin - Etude, Op. 2, No. 1 (Mother)
Gemze de Lappe Yes

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Gemze de Lappe

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