Reconstruction for six dancers that utilizes an unbroken excerpt from Gluck’s Orfeo ed Eurydice. While re-stagings of Duncan’s “Furies” typically edit out around 40 seconds of Gluck’s piece, Jennifer Sprowl worked with her company Duncan Dance Chicago to re-incorporate the excised music, developing a moving tableau set at the threshold of Greek mythology’s underworld. The new section evolved out of group improvisations and inspiration from Gustave Dore’s late nineteenth-century illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Original costuming, a variation on the traditional, heavily draped red tunics, was designed in tandem by Sprowl and costume designers Meg Burke and Lara Hall. Dancers include Ingrid Becker, Hannah Brooks-Motl, Lilia Conroy, Leslie Fiedler, Denise Stein, and Cathy Thomas.


Time Event/Dance Dancers Full Dance?
0:00 Gluck - Orfeo ed Eurydice, Act II, Scene 1, Dance of the Furies
Jennifer Sprowl Yes

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Jennifer Sprowl

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