Karen Campbell Kuebler

My study of Duncan began in the 1980s with a dance history course during my BFA program at Towson University. Between 1997 and 2007, aspects of Duncan's repertoire and technique were included in the courses I taught at my dance studio. In 2003, my first baby was still born. During my healing process, I read many of Duncan's books and found a connection beyond the movement. After my second son was born in 2004 and I returned to teaching, further research occurred into Duncan's history and legacy. In this time, I discovered Cynthia Word and began taking workshops and attending performances of her company. As a French Educator as well as a Dance Educator, I experienced a dual connection to the Duncan legacy. Over the past 15 years, I have taken numerous workshops with Cynthia Word and Jeanne Bresciani. With the global pandemic, I've been able to take class with Cynthia weekly and enjoy four different nine-hour workshops with Jeanne as well as weekly classes. Throughout the years, I've also done workshops with Andrea Mantell Seidel at National Dance Education Organization conferences and last summer during an intensive with the New York Baroque Company, I did several classes with Catherine Gallant and her teachers. Through the Isadora Duncan International Institute, I performed in the Tanagra Progression during the Festival of the Muses last month. Through performances, classes, and research, I continue to pursue a greater understanding of how to be - "The highest intelligence in the freest body and never perform a solo."