Drachin Von Terra

Drachin_Dame du Lac"_photo Zed Terra 2014

A Rose
is a Rose
is a Rose

Gertrude Stein

Drachin_rehearsal for "Les Dames du Lac"_photo Zed Terra 2014
Drachin_workshop of drawing mouvement_workshop and photo Micheline Reboulleau 2014
Phoenix_short film and 2018 Recital of the Isadorian Dance_photo Drachin von Terra 2012


Les Dames du Lac, a long feature Isadorian Dance film, to premiere 2019 in Dijon Burgundy, France.

Short Films and video capture of Isadorian Dance Performance

Performances 2018

Zed Terra is composing hauntingly beautiful Music for our Isadorian Dance.