The Many Faces of Love


Mary Sano

Isadora was in love after meeting Paris Singer in February of 1909. In early 1910, she and her daughter Deirdre took a vacation to sail the Nile river with him on his yacht. She was already pregnant with his son by this time, and their son Patrick was born on May 1, 1910. Although the dates are unclear, these works were likely created between 1910 and 1912, when Isadora was perhaps in her happiest state.

When I perform these works, I feel a strong connection to Isadora telling us to be passionate, tender, loving, strong and calm. Each piece is short in length but portrays these different and pure emotions from Isadora’s heart.

Kay Bardsley

Isadora's brilliant concept of love-letters in dance, the Brahms waltzes, were conceived and composed in Berlin in 1912 to the accompaniment of four-hand piano played by Henner Skene and Fernand Edlinger. The Suite may have served as the final farewell to Gordon Craig.