Berlioz — L'enfance du Christ, Op. 25 ("The Childhood of Christ")


Lillian Loewenthal

Reference: Loewenthal, Lillian. The Search for Isadora: The legend & legacy of Isadora Duncan. Dance Horizons, 1993.

For her picturesque movement images to Berlioz's L'Enfance du Christ, Isadora brought a quality of light and the sparkle of joy. Through Nozière's eyes, a woman lingered maternally before the divine child, lovingly regarding his slumber. She smiled to him, rocked him, and suddenly, "accompanied by flutes and harp, she goes off seeking wondrous gifts for him: brilliant, full flowers, fruits of luscious shape and color, rich fragrances." All the while, the critic observed, the dancer scarcely touched the floor, gliding with an ethereal grace that enveloped onlookers, including Nozière, in an atmosphere of awe.

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