The Collection of Christina Fessenden

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Christina Fessenden's collection of programs, photos, articles and other items, most of which feature the Dionysian Duncan Dancers. Many items were submitted by fellow Dionysian Duncan dancers Annah G McCluskey and Deborah Vaernes.


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DDD at S.F. Palace of the Legion of Honor


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Centennial Dance Recital San Francisco Duncan Dancers May 27, 1977 San Francisco, CA
Studio Opening Benefit Dionysian Duncan Dancers Mar 18, 1978 San Francisco, CA
DDDs with Lori Belilove Dionysian Duncan Dancers Mar 24, 1978 Berkeley, CA
Santa Cruz 1979 Performance Dionysian Duncan Dancers Dec 09, 1979 Santa Cruz, CA 1979
CA Historical Society Performances Dionysian Duncan Dancers Sep 17, 1980 San Francisco, CA
Carmel Performance Dionysian Duncan Dancers Nov 22, 1980 Carmel, CA
Lone Mountain Theatre Dionysian Duncan Dancers Jun 05, 1981 San Francisco, CA
Margaret Jenkins Performance Space Dionysian Duncan Dancers Jan 1982 San Francisco, CA
4th Annual Festival of the Performing Arts Dionysian Duncan Dancers Sep 30, 1982 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
In Honor of Chopin's 175th Birthday Dionysian Duncan Dancers Feb 22, 1985 San Francisco, CA
Julia Morgan Theatre Performance Dionysian Duncan Dancers Sep 1993 Berkeley, CA
Mountain View Performance Dionysian Duncan Dancers Mar 25, 1994 Mountain View, CA
Mountain View Performance Dionysian Duncan Dancers Mar 25, 1994 Mountain View, CA
Performance by Ann Cogley and Chris Fessenden Jul 18, 1999 Berkeley, CA


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Isadora's 100th Birthday Celebration
Mt. View Performance Previews


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Promotion for Jan. 1982 Margaret Jenkins Performance
Draft Program for European and Russian Tour
Publicity for the Mountain View Performance
Isadora Duncan Project Teaching Brochure
Isadora Duncan Project Performance 2003
Chris Teaching in Danspace, Oakland
ID International Institute of Classical Dance
DDD Russian Trips, 1992 and 1997
Reviews of the Dionysian Duncan Dancers
1985 Dance Art Exhibit
Musical Score of One, Two, Three
List of DDD Performances 1978-1984
Trip to Moscow Fundraising Material
Descriptions of Class Offerings